Investing in a New & Improved Backyard

After many long late night discussions with my husband, our family decided that it was time to start investing some money into our property. A few years back, we put some money into improving the interior of our house. Some of the improvements we made included:

Other bits and pieces throughout the house were also replaced and/or upgraded. We were grateful to have had this experience renovating our home interior, as it gave us a great insight as to what would be involved in a backyard renovation.

Take a look below the image to hear all about our (long, yet very rewarding) backyard renovation project.

Backyard Landscaping Project

First step: budgeting and planning

Having previously gone through an entire project for an interior house renovation, we knew the importance of proper planning and budgeting. Without these two crucial components, you’ll be taking a huge risk with the money you are looking to invest in a renovation.

To start the project, we discussed the key elements we wanted from our backyard renovation:

  • New swimming pool
  • Entertainment area
  • New trees, plants and shrubs
  • Area for the kids to play in

Once we had our most desired elements of the renovation determined, we started listing the many (many) things we’d need to undertake our project. Some of these things included:

One thing we learnt from the first project is that finding the right contractors/companies to work with makes a HUGE difference with the amount of time and money that was spent. We utilized any of the companies we could from the first project in the second one, as a reliable, professional and efficient worker/supplier was something we truly valued.

Once we had accounted for all of the labor and supplies we would need for the project, we started a budget checklist – this was a list of everything we needed, along with a rough estimate for how much it would cost. We were able to get rough estimates by looking for quotes online (and in some cases, ringing the company direct for a quote).

Backyard Landscaping Project

Next step: designs and ideas

In our last renovation project, we (luckily) came to the conclusion very quickly that interior design was not our best asset – so, we hired a professional interior designer. This time around, we were fortunate enough to have some budget set aside to hire a professional landscape architect.

We knew that, with the help of a professional who is highly skilled and trained in what they do, we could increase our property value even more! We worked with one of Melbourne’s top landscape architects, and with their help, we were able to transform our boring old backyard into the property of our dreams!

We had previously – before meeting with the architect – collaborated a collection of outdoor landscapes that we liked the look of. We found Pinterest to be an extremely handy tool to use for gathering pictures and websites.