A Fun Environment Made with Hard Landscaping

While the gardens were being expertly replanted by a team of professional gardeners, we started work on the hard landscaping aspect of things. Hard landscaping, for those who don’t knows, is the renovation or creation of “hard” materials on the property – for example:

  • Decking
  • Fencing
  • Paving
  • Swimming pool installation
  • Paths
  • Driveways
  • Patios

When it came to the hard landscaping side of things for our backyard makeover, we settled on three main areas to work on. Take a look below the image to find out more about these three things.

Pool Landscaping

The swimming pool

One of the most important parts of our backyard landscaping project – according to the entire family – was the design and installation of a new swimming pool. We wanted something big, visually appealing and that was suitable for our younger children.

We worked with the team at Leisure Pools to get the swimming pool of our dreams designed and installed in our backyard. They were very patient with us – especially as we had about 100 swimming pool ideas attached to our Pinterest board!

The entertainment area

Another crucial part to our backyard renovation project was the entertainment area. We often have guests over – especially family members – and we wanted to create a space that was suitable to entertain in. It needed to catch the beautiful Melbourne sun, but also offer shade when desired.

The entertainment area creation consisted of a few different elements:

Paving – After selecting the most suitable area in the backyard for the entertainment area, we had professional pavers come and lay out beautiful marble paving stones in the area.

Decking – Part of the entertainment area needed a small shaded section to relax in. This was created with a new deck just off the back door to the house. The decking specialists we used were remarkable in their service and craftsmanship.

Shade sail – For our shaded area, we chose a beautifully designed and crafted shade sail from the 1800 Shade U team.