Beautiful Plants & Flowers for a Relaxing Environment

The soft landscaping – aka garden planting – side of our project was highly important to us. As we both have a bit of a ‘green thumb‘, we had many ideas about how we wanted our gardens to look like in our backyard.

With the help of our landscape architect, we were able to determine the most crucial aspects of choosing the best plants and trees for our home. As we live in an incredibly warm climate, we needed to choose plants and trees that could survive long hours in the sun.

Take a look below the image to read all about the garden plants and trees we chose for our property.

Garden Plants & Trees

Plants and flowers galore

We wanted or backyard environment to be beautiful, vibrant and really pleasing to the eye. While we could have visited our local garden shop and picked all of the prettiest looking ones, we decided to sit down with our landscape architect and get the best advice on which to buy.

She gave us an extensive list of suitable plants and flowers we could purchase, and we chose the following off her list:

  • blanket flower
  • bee balm
  • butterfly weed
  • sedum
  • lavender
  • daylily
  • verbena

We were able to order all of our desired plants online from the Garden Express website. Being able to order everything from the one place made things very convenient.

Big, towering tall trees

We decided to invest in a couple of beautiful trees in the backyard – not only for looks but to give the area a bit of shelter for guests if they desired.

We had a few existing trees that needed to be cut down first – this was done with the help of an extremely skilled tree arborist and a very large skip bin we hired!

The trees we selected for replanting were called Chinese tallow trees.