Choosing the Right Contractors & Suppliers

You can ask any homeowner who has gone through a renovation project, ‘what was the most difficult part of it?’ I would be surprised if the majority of them didn’t answer ‘dealing with contractors and suppliers’. After hearing many horror story from friends and family about certain contractors and suppliers making their renovation project frustrating and exhausting, we decided to invest a decent amount of time in choosing the right ones for our own project.

It only takes one comment, one disagreement or one issue with a contractor or supplier to turn your project into a true headache. By investing time into researching the many options available in Melbourne, we ended up choosing great people to work with, and we literally experienced zero issues with everyone involved.

Take a look below the image to read about how we choose our backyard landscaping contractors and suppliers.

Contractors & Suppliers

Word of mouth recommendations

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt about choosing suppliers and contractors, it’s that the best recommendations come from friends and family. It’s always great to hear when people experience a great service or product from a company, and we believe that word of mouth recommendations generally provide us with the best companies.

A couple of the companies we used were recommended to us by friends, family and colleagues, and each and every single one we used proved to be as friendly, professional and skilled as what we were told!

Online reviews and testimonials

If you don’t manage to find anyone you know that can recommend a certain type of company you’re looking for, you can look to reviews and testimonials that other people have posted. You can generally find these on either their website, Google business page or Facebook page (if they have one). If you’ve found a company you like who doesn’t have any reviews or testimonials listed, give them a call and ask if they can provide any references that you can call direct.